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We Are The 6th Battalion! George Washington JROTC Patriots!

We are the George Washington High School Army JROTC. JROTC stands for the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. Our school is an Army unit, part of the Denver Brigade as the 6th Battalion of 10 other Denver Public High Schools.

Our school is ranked as an Honor Unit. Our program at George Washington High School serves as a strong community and a great support center for our cadets. Our unit is known for it's Drill Teams and community service. 

Daily Events and News around GWHS JROTC SY2014-2015

Outstanding job at the Veterans Day Parade cadets! You guys and girls sounded off real loud, showed motivation and made us look great! 

Congratulations to both Bravo and Echo Company for the highest attendance percentage at the parade, tying at 97%! As promised by Colonel, you will be receiving a Pizza Party. Other companies were very close following with nothing less than 90%. Great job Patriots!

Need help with sorting/organizing your ribbons? Don't know what order they go in? We have a ribbon sorter just for our school! Check it out at

Practices for the Drill Teams have started! Thinking about joining a team? Talk to one of the commanders of the teams. You can always find the either in the range located in the basement at lunch or after school.

Drill Team - Naung Yoe
Honor Platoon - Marisa Gonzalez-Lobatos
Color Guard - Naung Yoe

At the Rocky Mountain Regional Drill Meet last year 2014

  • The Men's Drill Team placed 2nd place in Exhibition.
  • The Color Guard tied for 1st place in their performance.
  • The Honor Platoon placed 3rd in Unarmed Exhibition.
  • The Honor Cadets placed 4th place in Unarmed Regulation.
  • Drill Team Members: Naung Yoe took 5th place and Mason Borrayo placed 7th Place in Individual Exhibition Drill (1 Man). Joseph Coulombe and Giovanni Waldo placed 3rd place in Duo Exhibition Drill (2 Man).

Teams and Activities

The Men's Armed Exhibition Drill Team 

CDR: Naung Yoe

XO: Steven Nestor

The "Honor Platoon" Unarmed Exhibition

CDR: Marisa Gonzalez-Lobatos

XO: Wendy Chisco-Hernandez

The Color Guard

CSM: Naung Yoe

The Rifle Team

Varsity Captain: Nicholas Bland

JV Captain: Ruben Ochoa


Other helpful information:

The Denver JROTC Unit of the 5th ROTC Brigade Website:

The George Washington High School Website:

The 6th Battalion is a member of the 5th ROTC Brigade, located at Fort Sam Houston, TX. 

Our mailing address is 655 S. Monaco Parkway, Denver, CO 80224


Last Updated: 11/18/2014

By: C/CSM Naung Yoe

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